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Patients who exercise regularly throughout life have "younger bodies" in their later years, studies show

The Journal of Applied Sciences has recently released a report showing the benefits of lifelong exercise.  The report, conducted by Ball State University's Dr. Scott Trappe, studied the cardiovascular and skeletal health of a controlled group of 70 year-olds. 

The study tracked the overall health of its participants though a variety of exercises.  The study was divided into younger athletes, 70-year-olds with noconsistent exercise regimen, and also 70-year-old who particapte in what Ball calls "Lifelong Exercise," or LLE, in where the participants have exercised consistently for over 40 years.

The results were outstanding.

“These 75-year-olds have similar cardiovascular health to a 40- to 45-year-old,” Dr. Trappe said.

"These data suggest that skeletal muscle metabolic fitness may be easier to maintain with lifelong aerobic exercise,"  Trappe says.

“The benefits of the study should be obvious for the average person: 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day may be the key to a healthy life,” he added.


Central California, near the wildfire disaster, was found to be the source of the bad cabbage.

The CDC has officially relaxed the regulation against Romaine Lettuce, saying that the leafy vegetable is now considered safe to eat, after finding the origin of the E. coli outbreak.  Central California is where the outbreak first originated, scientists say after tracing the E. coli bacteria to farms located in the Central Coast of Northern and Central California, not too far away from many of the reported wildfires in California over the past few weeks.

The CDC has stated that many grocery stores will now be labeling the origin of romaine lettuce to better inform consu"Check bags or boxes of romaine lettuce for a label indicating where the lettuce was harvested," the CDC writes. "Romaine lettuce labeled with a harvest region outside of the Central Coastal growing regions of northern and central California (such as the desert growing region near Yuma, the California desert growing region near Imperial County and Riverside County, the state of Florida, and Mexico) is not linked to this outbreak."

The warning applies to all forms of romaine lettuce, including romaine heads, romaine hearts and salad mixes.

If you had lettuce from the Central Coast in your fridge, the CDC recommends you check your lettuce and dispose of any unwanted greens from California.


Experts suggest using speakerphone, radiation shields prevent radiation

The NCBI came out with a study relating teenage memory loss to exposure from cell phone radiation, doctors say.

If causing Cancer and heart tumors, among other things weren't enough, the study, from July 2018, states that cumulative RF-EMF brain exposure from mobile phone use over one year had a negative effect on the development of figural memory performance in adolescents, confirming prior results published in 2015.

Figural memory is a right-brain function that pertains to the ability of the brain to remember images. It was found that impairments in figural memory correlated with the amount of exposure to RF-EMF.

RF-EMF is the name of the type of radio waves emitted from cell phones.  When we put a cell phone to our ear, like when making a call, the RF-EMF waves have the closest exposure to our brains.

There have already been associations to brain cancer by many tests in the subject, but the World Health Organization has labeled the radio waves as a level 2B carcinogen, meaning that exposure to the radio waves won't directly cause brain cancer, or any other long term neurological effects.

However, even with its relation to Cancer up for debate, another new concern is that the radio exposure to the head can even cause memory loss in adolescents, due to a study that monitored the cognitive functioning of 700 12 to 17 year-olds in Switzerland.  They found nearly 80% of teens holding smartphones to their ear to talk saw decreases in their figurative memory within one year.

"It is important parents recognize that children have smaller brains, thinner skulls, softer brain tissue, and a higher number of rapidly dividing cells, which makes them more susceptible to damage from cell phone exposure than adults," Says John Coates, CEO of RF Safe, a company that provides headsets for cell phones that repel RF radiation from the body.  He suggests finding an EMF or RF shielding device to push the rays of radiation away from your body while using a smartphone.

The NCBI warns people to place the phone as far away from the body as possible when not in use, avoid sleeping next to your phone, and when making phone calls, to use a headset or speakerphone, to avoid directly placing the phone near the head.



Men “openly made sexual comments, sexual innuendo, and engaged in pretend sexual contact toward female employees.”

CONCORD, N.H. - Casey Willard, a former manager of a Planet Fitness in New Hampshire, has filed a case suing the company, for rape, sexual harassment, and sexism in a male-dominated, "debaucherous" environment, case files show.

From 2015 to early 2018, Willard describes a Planet Fitness culture where workers "competed regarding the number of shots they could consume in the least amount of time," and "sometimes found herself drunk at work by 11:00 AM."  She reported being drugged and raped by a then manager and his friends at a business retreat in September 2017.

She reported the rape soon afterwards without telling employees, but soon thereafter another manager initiated a sexual relationship with Ms. Willard, which she complied with in order to keep her job.  She eventually resigned in April of this year.

“The work environment at Planet Fitness’ corporate offices was, to say the least, debaucherous,” according to the Willard, who continues that men “openly made sexual comments, sexual innuendo, and engaged in pretend sexual contact toward female employees.”

An independant investigation from the company later fired one employee for violation of company policy.  The investigation also learned of a consensual relationship between Willard and another supervisor.  The superviser was later fired as well.  The company is disputing her case, due to "Baseless Allegations."

Willard is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages arising from sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, discrimination and wrongful termination.



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